HR Management and Processes

HR Management and Processes

Our programs are designed to complement your existing HR department or assume your full HR operations

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits Solutions

OROleafhr gives you and your employees access to premium benefits, service providers, and technology


Realize the Confidence OROleafhr Can Bring

When I see a business like OROleafhr – created by a seasoned executive and offering HR services and solutions you might see at a Fortune 500 company, but tailored specifically to the cannabis industry, I see truly how far the cannabis industry has come.

Colleen Goodson Manley,
Director of High Times Holding Corp

OROleafhr, your full-service HR and payroll solution tailored to the cannabis industry.

OROleafhr provides tailored HR services and solutions to the highly regulated cannabis industry- helping your business bloom. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding marijuana, so our focus is on ensuring that your business is always in compliance with the law in these uncertain regulatory environments.


Businesses in the cannabis industry have a difficult time accessing professional payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits, workers compensation and risk management services. This places a huge cost and administrative burden on the business itself. As a trusted business partner with a seasoned management team with decades of experience, and a full suite of hr services, OROleafhr removes non revenue-producing administrative tasks, helping your business improve efficiency and reduce liability. This gives you peace of mind amidst the most litigious and regulatory-driven business environment to date.


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