Workers’ Compensation

OROleafhr is designed to accommodate workers compensation risks involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry – including growers, extractors, analytical labs, medicine manufacturers, food, and beverage products manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and distribution, transportation, and dispensaries.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement for most businesses to ensure coverage of their employees in the event they suffer an injury while at work, OROleafhr is one of the few companies that provide workers compensation services to businesses in the cannabis industry.

Workers’ Compensation services include:

  • Pay-as-you-go convenience options
  • Premium audits
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Claim management services

OROleafhr handles all your workers’ comp needs with experienced specialists and preferred partnerships with top rated workers’ compensation partners. We give you and your employees protection and peace of mind.

Contact us to discuss your Workers’ Compensation needs and learn how we can help.

Workers' Compensation
Learn how our workers’ compensation solution can better protect your business and employees.
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