Harness the power of HR to improve business success.

Unlike the large providers of HR, payroll, and tax services, OROleafhr learns your cannabis business from the inside out and is completely transparent with financial partners regarding the industry we support. 

On day one, you get it all – a  team of HR professionals, integrated HR technology, proven processes and more. This way, you don’t have to spend month after month training employees or be consumed by software implementations. OROleafhr will focus on cost-containment, stability and compliance with regulatory requirements, so you don’t have to. 

Our clients rely on us to be their trusted advisor and partner for protecting their employees and their business, and they wholly or partially outsource a wide spectrum of HR components to us so they can focus on building their business. OROleafhr’s services and solutions include:

HR Management & Processes

Let us tailor a plan to upgrade your HR function and improve your bottom line.

Employee Benefits

OROleafhr gives you and your employees access to premium benefits

Payroll & Tax Services

Find out just how cost-effective our payroll and tax solutions can be.

Retirement Plans

Learn how easy and advantageous a retirement plan from OROleafhr can be.

Risk Management & Safety

We can strengthen your risk management and safety programs.

Workers’ Compensation

We give you and your employees protection and peace of mind.

Litigation Safeguard

Learn how OROleafhr can best protect your business and employees.

The cannabis industry faces unique payroll and HR challenges. Our advanced technology, and industry experts specializing in tax law, accounting, human resources, and banking in highly regulated industries, coupled with financial service provider relationships, truly sets us apart. OROleafhr is the cannabis industry’s best solution to control costs, maximize profits, and ensure compliance for the long term.

Jim Valenzuela,
Founder and CEO, OROleafhr