The Gold Standard of HR Services for Cannabis Businesses

Jim Valenzuela
Jim Valenzuela, Founder & CEO

I started OROleafhr to offer HR services and solutions you might see at a Fortune 500 company, but custom tailored to businesses like yours in the cannabis industry. With nearly three decades of experience building, transforming, and launching businesses, and half of that in HR, I’ve created a company with personalized service that simply cannot be matched – the gold standard of HR services for cannabis businesses.

Client service means everything to me. From small, family-owned dispensaries, to mid-sized grow facilities, dedicated OROleaf HR professionals, including myself, will work with you to develop solutions custom fit for you. Contact me for a no cost, no commitment, no pressure evaluation of your business to see how our personalized HR services can help your business bloom.

You may also be interested in a recent webinar panel I participated in titled “So you want to be a cannabis mogul” with executives from the International Cannabis Bar Association, Cannabis Marketing Association, and FLOWER Co. Feel free to watch it here.