Beyond Legalization: 5 Big Benefits of Proposition 207

Beyond Legalization: 5 Big Benefits of Proposition 207

With the passage of Arizona’s Proposition 207 (the Smart and Safe Arizona Act), recreational use and possession of marijuana have been legalized for people 21 and over. Prop 207 is certainly a victory for the cannabis industry, but beyond legalization, there are also major benefits for Arizona’s economy and the general public.

5 Big Benefits of Proposition 207

1. It boosts the economy by adding more jobs. According to an analysis from MPG Consulting, by 2025, the legal marijuana industry could create over 18,000 jobs. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, businesses will be spending millions of dollars to expand their operations and are expected to hire thousands of employees to meet the demand.

2. It helps create fair access to jobs and housing. Proposition 207 is the first voter measure in Arizona that offers expungement of criminal records related to marijuana possession charges. Marijuana convictions are currently considered felonies, which can impede employment and deny the right to vote, public housing, food assistance, and eligibility for student loans.

3. It allows police to focus on major crimes and offenses. With Proposition 207, Arizona police are already refraining from charging people over the age of 21 for the possession of under one ounce of cannabis. Proposition 207 will free up police to focus on major crimes and will help unclog the justice system, which is currently backlogged with minor offenses.

4. Tax revenues will fund education, public safety, and health programs. Consumers will be subject to a 16% tax on all marijuana sales in addition to the existing transaction privilege tax and use tax. Proponents say this tax could generate $300 million a year in new revenues, which will support community colleges, mental health programs, road and highway construction, and other underfunded needs in the state.

5. It funds addiction treatment and prevention programs. Proposition 207 will give the Department of Health Services millions of dollars annually for addiction prevention, substance abuse treatment, suicide prevention, mental health programs, and other justice reinvestment projects.

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Prop 207 is a huge milestone for Arizona, but the struggles for the cannabis industry aren’t over. Read all the Proposition 207 facts and visit our resources section to learn what your business needs to maintain compliance, grow your business, and support your employees.