Hiring Your Staff, Payroll and Other HR Issues – Webinar

Our CEO Jim Valenzuela joined industry experts and fellow MITA members Copperstate Farms, Hempstaff, Global Go, Vangst, and Open Dor Dispensaries in March ’21 to discuss what you need to know as a cannabis business owner to hit the ground running. This webinar was a part of a series in MITA’s Social Equity Mentorship Program, which is designed to issue licenses to entities whose owners are “from communities disproportionately impacted from the enforcement of previous marijuana laws”.

How your cannabis company conducts business from day one will determine your success. It’s important to implement staffing plans and ensure you are knowledgeable when it comes to hiring your c-suite, accounting, management, budtenders, grow personnel, and more.

Listen in and learn the ins and outs from nationwide leaders and their policies, procedures, and employee handbooks in this impactful webinar “Hiring Your Staff, Payroll and Other HR Issues”, hosted by MITA – Arizona’s Cannabis Industry Trade Association.