Press Release – OROleafhr Launches a New Full-Service HR Solution Tailored to the Cannabis Industry

Jim Valenzuela, Phoenix-based executive and former CEO of a national HR solutions provider acquired by Paychex, launches OROleafhr, a full-service provider of legal and HR services to cannabis companies.

“The cannabis industry faces unique payroll and HR challenges,” says Mr. Valenzuela, Founder and CEO, OROleafhr. “Our advanced technology, and industry experts specializing in tax law, accounting, human resources, and banking in highly regulated industries, coupled with financial service provider relationships, truly sets us apart. OROleafhr is the cannabis industry’s best solution to control costs, maximize profits, and ensure compliance for the long term.”

From small, family-owned dispensaries, to mid-sized grow facilities, to growing distributors, OROleaf works with cannabis clients to receive transparent and uninterrupted services without fear of termination because of their industry type.

“For 45 years, High Times has been championing the lifestyle and educating the masses on the benefits of cannabis,” said Colleen Goodson Manley, Director of High Times Holding Corp, and direct family member to High Times founder Thomas King Forcade. “When I see a business like OROleafhr – created by a seasoned executive and offering HR services and solutions you might see at a Fortune 500 company, but tailored specifically to the cannabis industry, I see truly how far the cannabis industry has come.”

Why choose an HR solution built for the cannabis industry?

  • Ensure governmental compliance with human resources and payroll functions
  • Increase workplace profitability and productivity
  • Eliminate non-revenue generating employee-related tasks
  • Attract and retain better talent with industry-leading benefits
  • Know that payroll will always be on-time and accurate

With trusted cannabis advisers, and an executive team of professionals with decades of human resources expertise and backgrounds spanning HR management, legal compliance, risk management, and benefits administration, OROleafhr’s solutions are designed to allow cannabis businesses to process payroll, comply with regulations, and focus on business strategy.

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